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Contact No. : 09-5492455
Gender : MALE
Nationality : INDONESIA
E-Mail :
Pd. Sari Mulia STAFF 19/01/1998 25/04/2002 TETAP
Cv. Sinar Mulia Dharma - Pt Panasonic Electronic Distribution Channel LOGISTIC SUPERVSIOR 15/04/2002 09/02/2004 TETAP
School Of Management, Universiti Sains Malaysia RESEARCH ASSISTANT 07/08/2006 30/08/2007 TETAP
School Of Management, Universiti Sains Malaysia TUTOR/TEACHING ASSISTANT/FELLOWSHIP HOLDER 02/01/2008 31/12/2010 KONTRAK
School Of Management, Universiti Sains Malaysia RESEARCH ASSISTANT 01/04/2011 29/02/2012 KONTRAK
Advanced Tourism International College (Ati College) SENIOR LECTURER 01/07/2011 31/01/2012 SEMENTARA
Institute Of Professional Development, Open University Malaysia SENIOR LECTURER 01/08/2011 30/03/2012 SEMENTARA
Graduate School Of Business, Universiti Sains Malaysia SENIOR LECTURER DS51/ HEAD OF DEPARTMENT/ CLUSTER 02/04/2012 31/03/2017 KONTRAK
Graduate School Of Business, Universiti Sains Malaysia COORDINATOR OF PHD OFFSHORE PROGRAMME 04/05/2015 31/03/2017 KONTRAK
Faculty Of Industrial Management, Universiti Malaysia Pahang SENIOR LECTURER DS51 03/04/2017 03/04/2020 KONTRAK
Faculty Of Industrial Management, Universiti Malaysia Pahang DEPUTY DEAN RESEARCH AND POSTGRADUATE STUDIES 07/08/2017 30/08/2019 KONTRAK
1. Developing Research Indexing in Health Science Sustainability and Management Leader 06-FEB-2018 05-FEB-2020 Sedang Berjalan
2. Factors Influencing Ability Of Loan Recipients Of Yayasan Pahang And Their Payback Ability: Case Study Tertiary Education Member 01-JUL-2017 31-JAN-2018 Tamat
3. Improving The Integrity Of Halal Supply Chain Management Through Blockchain Technology Member 28-JUN-2017 27-JUN-2019 Sedang Berjalan
5. The Effect of Information Technology Governance on it Project Success Leader 15-APR-2017 15-DEC-2017 Tamat
BOOK CHAPTER A Review of Supply Chain Risk Management In Agribusiness Industry 01/01/2018 45
BOOK CHAPTER Concept and practices of cyber supply chain in manufacturing context 01/01/2018 45
BOOK CHAPTER Developing global supply chain manager for business expansion 01/01/2018 45
BOOK CHAPTER Ecological Performance as a New Metric to Measure Green Supply Chain Practices 01/01/2018 45
BOOK CHAPTER Exploring drivers of closed loop supply chain in Malaysian automotive industry 01/01/2018 45
BOOK CHAPTER Improving Competencies for the Courier Service Industry in Malaysia, 01/01/2018 45
BOOK CHAPTER Lean Logistics of the Transportation of Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) In The Palm Oil Industry 01/01/2018 45
BOOK CHAPTER Measuring Low Carbon Supply Chain: A Review Outcome 01/01/2018 45
BOOK CHAPTER Missing Part of Halal Supply Chain Management 01/01/2018 45
BOOK CHAPTER Notions of Maritime Green Supply Chain Management 01/01/2018 45
BOOK CHAPTER Reflections of the 1malaysia Supply Chain (1MSC) 01/01/2018 45
CONFERENCE PAPER Boosting Quality Performance Through Customer Knowledge Management and Service Innovation Capability in the Automotive Industry 01/01/2018 30
CONFERENCE PAPER Managing Knowledge, Service Innovation and Service Experience in Hospitality Industry: A Proposed Framework 24/05/2018 30
JOURNAL A Second-order Model of Lean Manufacturing Implementation to Leverage Production Line Productivity with the Importance-Performance Map Analysis. 18/06/2018 40
JOURNAL Contact centre service excellence: a proposed conceptual framework 15/01/2018 50
JOURNAL Managing Project Success Using Project Risk and Green Supply Chain Management: A Survey of Automotive Industry 07/05/2018 85
JOURNAL Understanding the effects of energy management practices on renewable energy supply chains: implications for energy policy in emerging economies 16/07/2018 70
BOOKS A Handbook for Business Research Methods 15/05/2017 30
JOURNAL An Empirical Analysis of Eco-Design of Electronic Products on Operational Performance: Does Environmental Performance Play Role As a Mediator? 17/04/2017 75
JOURNAL Enablers of Contact Centre Service Excellence: A Practitioner's Perspective 03/07/2017 50
JOURNAL Five Drivers of Eco-Innovation: Insight from Parsimonious Model Using a Content Analysis Approach 20/07/2017 60
JOURNAL Green supply chain agility in EMS ISO 14001 manufacturing firms: empirical justification of social and environmental performance as an organisational outcome 17/08/2017 50
JOURNAL Impacts of Energy Management Practices on Energy Efficiency and Carbon Emission Reduction: A Survey of Malaysian Manufacturing Firms 06/03/2017 70
JOURNAL Organisational determinants of export performance: evidence from exporting firms in Batam, Indonesia 10/07/2017 45
JOURNAL The effects of reverse logistics on cost control abilities: An insight manufacturing companies in Malaysia 14/03/2017 60
JOURNAL The impact of eco-innovation drivers on environmental performance: Empirical results from the green technology sector 10/07/2017 80
BOOK CHAPTER Eco-Innovation Practices: Insight from Malaysia's Green Technology Sector 22/09/2016 70
JOURNAL Does a Firm’s Innovation Category Matter in Practising Eco-Innovation? Evidence from the Lens of Malaysia Companies Practicing Green Technology 21/06/2016 60
JOURNAL Eco-Innovation Practices: Case of Green Furniture Manufacturers 24/05/2016 30
JOURNAL Growing pains the low cost carrier sector in Indonesia: Internal service quality using a critical incident technique 20/04/2016 60
JOURNAL Improving Productivity: A Review of Robotic Applications in Food Industry 25/05/2016 60
JOURNAL Physician perceived value as a mediating variable between marketing mix strategy and physician satisfaction 04/10/2016 30
JOURNAL Reverse logistics in manufacturing waste management: the missing link between environmental commitment and operational performance 21/09/2016 40
JOURNAL Sustainable Green Supply Chain Management and Impact on Organisations 15/09/2016 30
JOURNAL The effects of legal-political factors and market competition on supply chain performance: some findings from firms in a free trade zone 20/04/2016 50
JOURNAL Why Patriarchal Matters: Entrepreneurship Performance Among Women Entrepreneurs in Malaysia 23/05/2016 30
BOOK CHAPTER Challenges in Building a Green Supply Chain: Case of Intel Malaysia, Promoting Sustainable Practices through Energy Engineering and Asset Management 04/05/2015 60
BOOK CHAPTER Eco-Innovation Enablers and Typology in Green Furniture Manufacturing 09/09/2015 60
BOOK CHAPTER Green Supply Chain Integration in Automotive Industry 21/07/2015 60
BOOK CHAPTER Low Carbon Footprint: The Supply Chain Agenda in Malaysian Manufacturing Firms 17/09/2015 50
BOOK CHAPTER Review of Supply Chain Integration on Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) 29/09/2015 60
BOOK CHAPTER Robotic Transformation and its Business Applications in Food Industry 27/08/2015 60
CONFERENCE PAPER Challenges in Implementing Renewable Energy Supply Chain in Service Economy Era 02/09/2015 90
CONFERENCE PAPER The Effects of Closed-Loop Supply Chain on Environmental Performance: A Comparative Study between Malaysia and Germany 23/05/2015 70
JOURNAL Challenges in implementing renewable energy supply chain in service economy era 18/05/2015 90
JOURNAL Conceptualization of green human resource management: an exploratory study from Malaysian-based multinational companies 26/05/2015 25
JOURNAL Dive with the Sharks: A Content Analysis of the Medical Tourism Supply Chain 24/09/2015 60
JOURNAL Regulatory incentives as a moderator of determinants for the adoption of Malaysian food safety system 23/09/2015 70
JOURNAL The Effect of Motivation, Opportunity, Ability and Social Identity Towards Customer-to-Customer Online Know-How Exchange 23/09/2015 40
JOURNAL The antecedents and outcomes of the medical tourism supply chain 20/08/2015 75
CONFERENCE PAPER A Purposed Conceptual Framework of Contact Centre Service Excellence Based On Content Analysis 12/12/2014 50
CONFERENCE PAPER An Empirical Study of Green Supply Chain Management on Sustainable Business Performance: The Green Airport Suppliers’ Perspective 25/06/2014 60
CONFERENCE PAPER Antecedents and Outcome Of Medical Tourism Supply Chain The Moderating Effect of Energy Efficiency Initiatives 25/06/2014 60
CONFERENCE PAPER Co-production for New Product Development and its effect on Sustainable Business Performance The Moderating Role of Internet of Things 25/06/2014 60
CONFERENCE PAPER Does Internet Of Things Moderate The Impact Of Green Supply Chain Integration On Green Supply Chain Agility 12/12/2014 50
CONFERENCE PAPER Drivers of Renewable Energy Supply Chains on Sustainable Business Performance: Evidence from Canada and Malaysia 25/06/2014 60
CONFERENCE PAPER Estimate The Path Coefficient Linking Between Co-Production On Sustainable Innovation Performance 12/12/2014 50
CONFERENCE PAPER Productivity Without Sacrificing Taste: A Case of Robot Interface in Chinese Fast Food Restaurant 25/06/2014 60
CONFERENCE PAPER Supply Chain Risk Management: A Case Study of Manna Bakery in Indonesia 25/06/2014 60
CONFERENCE PAPER Sustainable Production System: An Exploratory Case Study 25/06/2014 60
CONFERENCE PAPER The Effect of Motivation, Opportunity, Ability and Social Identity towards Customer-to-Customer Online Know-How Exchange 03/09/2014 50
CONFERENCE PAPER The Effects of Eco-Innovation on Sustainable Business Performance An Insight from Green Technology Sector 25/06/2014 60
CONFERENCE PAPER Toward a Conceptualization of Sustainable Supply Chain Integration 12/12/2014 50
CONFERENCE PAPER Users’ Level Of Gratification, Service Mechanism On Continuance Motivation To Play Online Games In Social Networking Sites 04/09/2014 60
JOURNAL Activities, motives and external factors influencing food safety management system adoption in Malaysia 24/09/2014 60
JOURNAL Driving Towards Sustainable Value Creation 17/09/2014 60
BOOK CHAPTER Service Innovation Along The Chain Of Service Process In Airline Business 06/05/2013 100
CONFERENCE PAPER Dive With The Sharks: Immersed In Medical Tourism Supply Chain 08/12/2013 60
CONFERENCE PAPER Eco-Innovation Practices To Sustain In Green Business: A Case From Furniture Company 25/08/2013 30
CONFERENCE PAPER Regulatory Incentives as a Moderator of Determinants for the Adoption of Malaysian Food Safety System 08/12/2013 60
CONFERENCE PAPER The Effect of DART model of Value Co-creation on Logistic Service Innovation Capability in Germany 22/08/2013 60
CONFERENCE PAPER Towards A Parsimonious Model Of Eco-Innovation 25/08/2013 60
JOURNAL A Study of Relationship Marketing In Malaysian Banks: Does Guanxi Influence SME Owners’ Satisfaction? 25/09/2013 60
CONFERENCE PAPER Decision Factors in Adopting Logistics Outsourcing Practices in Malaysia 02/12/2012 30
JOURNAL An Extension of Internal Service Quality Concept: Lesson from Best Low Cost Carrier in the Six Regions of the World 12/09/2012 70
JOURNAL An empirical study on the contribution of lean practices to environmental performance of the manufacturing firms in northern region of Malaysia 11/09/2012 30
JOURNAL Impact of Internal Marketing on Operational Performance: An Empirical Study in Low Cost Carrier Industry 02/12/2012 80
JOURNAL New Marketing Definition: A Future Agenda For Low Cost Carrier In Indonesia 14/05/2012 70
CONFERENCE PAPER Evaluation of marketing performance: Evidence from Indonesian low cost airlines 11/06/2011 60
CONFERENCE PAPER Improving Airline Operational Performance through Synergy between Internal and External Suppliers 03/06/2011 40
CONFERENCE PAPER Leadership Style in Medical Waste Business: Case of PT Bunga Mawar Indonesia 30/06/2011 30
JOURNAL Going Global: The role and effect of Leadership Styles in PT Bunga Mawar Indonesia 13/04/2011 50
JOURNAL The Development of Synergy Model on Internal and External Suppliers For Asian Airlines Industry 25/08/2011 70
JOURNAL The Impact of Tourism Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction: The Case of Five Star Hotels in Jordan 23/05/2011 40
CONFERENCE PAPER A Remarkable Flying Experience Began From Internal Services Quality 13/11/2010 80
CONFERENCE PAPER A Study on Hotel Service Quality Gaps: A Penang Scenario 17/04/2010 30
CONFERENCE PAPER Clarifying the Domain Construct of Internal Service Quality Using Critical Incident Technique 13/06/2010 30
CONFERENCE PAPER Internal Marketing and Internal Service Quality: A Mediating Analysis of Job Commitment 17/04/2010 80
CONFERENCE PAPER Job Satisfaction, Hygiene Factor and Job Involvement on Internal Branding: Mediating Effect of Internal Service Quality 09/07/2010 70
CONFERENCE PAPER Medical Tourism Destination: Does Service Quality Matter on Patients Satisfaction? 17/04/2010 30
CONFERENCE PAPER Supply Chain Relationships and Design Quality: The Moderating Effect of Organization Culture 21/05/2010 30
CONFERENCE PAPER Targeting Young Female Consumer in Malaysia: The Effect of Fashion Lifestyle on Brand loyalty 13/11/2010 70
CONFERENCE PAPER The Effect of Internal Marketing on Airline Business Performance: Empirical Evidence from Low Cost Carrier Industry 28/11/2010 80
CONFERENCE PAPER The Impact of Private Hospital Staff Communication on Patients’ Satisfaction 17/04/2010 50
JOURNAL An Investigation into the Characteristics of Training Effectiveness on Post-Training Outcomes of Quality Management System 24/05/2010 30
JOURNAL An Investigation into the Dimensions of Training Effectiveness on Post Training Outcomes of Quality Management System 12/05/2010 30
JOURNAL Best Practices for the Effectiveness of Benchmarking in the Indonesian Manufacturing Companies 17/05/2010 35
JOURNAL Chocolate Brand Familiarity and Product Country Evaluation Among Young Consumers in Malaysia, Business Review 22/09/2010 30
JOURNAL Critical Training Areas Identified by Selected Malaysian Food Supply Chain Players in Implementing Halal Practices 19/05/2010 30
JOURNAL Determinants of RFID Adoption among Logistics Service Providers in Malaysia: A Discriminant Analysis 14/09/2010 40
JOURNAL Halal Traceability and Halal Tracking Systems in Strengthening Halal Food Supply Chain for Food Industry in Malaysia (A Review) 29/09/2010 30
JOURNAL Location, Star Rating and International Chain Associated with the Hoteliers Intention for not Applying the Halal Logo Certification 22/09/2010 30
JOURNAL Perceived Montessori Characteristics Dimensions On Parents’ Satisfaction 22/09/2010 30
JOURNAL Supply Chain Relationships and Design Quality: The Moderating Effect of Organization Culture 21/10/2010 30
JOURNAL The Impact of Organizational Variables and Quality Performance on Customer Satisfaction 19/05/2010 40
BOOK CHAPTER Theories Related to the Citizens’ Intention to Use E-Goverments 22/04/2009 30
CONFERENCE PAPER Does Logistics System Moderates the Relationships between Relationship Orientation and Logistics Service Quality? 30/09/2009 30
CONFERENCE PAPER Factors Influencing Intention to Use E-Government Services among Citizens in Malaysia 03/08/2009 30
CONFERENCE PAPER Logistics Service Quality: An Empirical Study 19/12/2009 30
CONFERENCE PAPER Logistics Systems Adoption among Logistics Services Providers in Malaysia 21/08/2009 30
CONFERENCE PAPER RFID Adoptions among Third Party Logistics in Malaysia: A Conceptual Paper 19/12/2009 30
CONFERENCE PAPER Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Owners’ Satisfaction and Relationship Marketing Orientation (RMO) In Malaysian Banking 19/02/2009 50
CONFERENCE PAPER The Impact of Supply Chain Relationships on Quality Performance in the Automotive Industry in China 03/08/2009 30
CONFERENCE PAPER The Influence of EDI on the Logistics Service Quality among Logistics Service Providers in Malaysia 11/09/2009 30
CONFERENCE PAPER the Role of Supplier Relations in Deliver Excellent Service: A Qualitative Study on Low Cost Carrier Sector 11/12/2009 30
JOURNAL Critical Factors Influencing Project Success amongst Manufacturing Companies In Malaysia 21/05/2009 30
JOURNAL Determinants of RFID Adoption in Supply Chain among Manufacturing Companies in China: A Discriminant Analysis 20/08/2009 30
JOURNAL Development Of MBA Program-Service Quality Measurement Scale 19/08/2009 30
JOURNAL Education Service Delivery and Students Satisfaction: A Study of Private Colleges in Malaysia 10/02/2009 30
JOURNAL Factors influencing intention to use e-government services among citizens in Malaysia 18/05/2009 30
JOURNAL The Influence of the Dimensions of Quality Information on Buyer-Supplier Relationships in Value Chain Management: An Analysis of the Supplier Firm’s Perspectives 19/05/2009 30
CONFERENCE PAPER A Linkage between Buyer Satisfaction and Marketing Strategy in Business-To-Business Marketplace 19/02/2008 30
CONFERENCE PAPER Determinant Factors of Design Quality in the Manufacturing Companies in Northern Malaysia 11/11/2008 30
CONFERENCE PAPER Enhancing Good Manufacturing Practices (Gmp): A Case Of A Manufacturing Company In Northern Malaysia 17/12/2008 30
CONFERENCE PAPER Factors Influencing The Effectiveness Of Benchmarking Practice Among Manufacturing Companies In Indonesia 04/09/2008 30
CONFERENCE PAPER Internal Service Quality: A Concept of Improvement from Low-Price Airline Perspective 02/12/2008 100
CONFERENCE PAPER Measures of Internal Service Quality on Business Performance In Penang Hotel Industry 17/12/2008 30
CONFERENCE PAPER Perceived MBA Program-Service Quality Measurement Scale (MBA-SQ) 17/12/2008 30
CONFERENCE PAPER Quality of Work Life and Manager’s Performance: Proposed Research Model 19/02/2008 30
CONFERENCE PAPER Rethinking Internal Service Quality: A Process Approach 20/06/2008 60
CONFERENCE PAPER The Characteristics of Training Effectiveness on Post Training Outcomes of Quality Management System (QMS) 04/09/2008 30
CONFERENCE PAPER The Determinants of RFID Adoption in China: A Discriminant Analysis 17/12/2008 30
CONFERENCE PAPER The Moderating Effect Of Type Of Bank On Internal Service Quality And Bank Performance 19/02/2008 70
CONFERENCE PAPER The Synergy Model Between Internal And External Suppliers To Deliver Airline Service Quality 19/02/2008 70
CONFERENCE PAPER The Worker Characteristics and Determinant Factors of Safety Compliance at Petrochemical Processing Area 28/06/2008 60
JOURNAL Consumer Perceptions toward Online Ticketing: Service Quality Analysis: Evidence in Malaysia 10/09/2008 40
JOURNAL Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Operational Information Sharing within Supply Chain Channels in Malaysia 24/09/2008 40
CONFERENCE PAPER Electronic Service Quality (ESQ) Boosts Customer Satisfaction in Online Banking 16/06/2007 50
CONFERENCE PAPER Empirical study on the impact of information flow, material flow and financial flow towards supply chain performance 12/12/2007 30
CONFERENCE PAPER Factors Influencing Perceived Ease Of Use In Software Training In A Private College – Cosmopoint In Malaysia 27/05/2007 30
CONFERENCE PAPER Factors Influencing the Quality of Healthcare in the Private Hospitals in Malaysia: From Patients Perspectives 11/08/2007 30
CONFERENCE PAPER The Critical Success Factors For Six Sigma Implementation in Malaysia: An Empirical Evidence 27/08/2007 30
CONFERENCE PAPER The Effect Of Education Service Delivery On Student’s Satisfaction: A Study Of Private Colleges In Malaysia 27/06/2007 30
CONFERENCE PAPER The Intentions Of The Malaysia Hoteliers For Applying Halal Logo Certification 08/12/2007 30
JOURNAL Faktor – Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Masyarakat Dalam Menggunakan E-Pemerintah 02/04/2007 40
JOURNAL Market Orientation, Manager Characteristics and Bank Performance: New Evidence from West Sumatra Banking Industry 02/04/2007 70
JOURNAL The Impact of Market Orientation on the Service Quality in Banking Industry In West Sumatera, Indonesia 19/09/2007 60
CONFERENCE PAPER An Examination On The Effect Of Internal Evaluation Of Service Quality On Business Performance 10/12/2006 70
CONFERENCE PAPER Employees’ Perception on QS 9000 Adoption In The Automotive Firms In Malaysia 22/11/2006 30

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